Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko


1h 36m

Country: Japan

Genres: Drama, Sub

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Movie plot

Kikuko Misuji, more often called "Nikuko-chan," is known by everyone in her small northern town as the happy fat lady at the grill. Having lived arduously traveling from man to man and town to town for the bulk of her life, Nikuko-chan finally seems to have settled down on a houseboat docked in the bay with her daughter—also named Kikuko. Together, the pair does their best to find their place in the world. For the bold and brash Nikuko-chan, her spirited behavior easily guides her toward the earnest goal. However, for the quiet and reserved Kikuko, who is often embarrassed by her mother's antics, each day can be just as uninspiring as the last. From middle school drama to solving the mystery of her strange classmate Ninomiya, Kikuko's adolescence is full of many twists and turns.

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